I have to say that the movie and the novel are two different genres.  While watching the movie, I felt like the story line was rushed.  There were certain parts that I was hoping would be emphasizes in the movie but they were not.  Examples of this are: Jess’s and Ginny’s relationship, the after math of the storm, and the ending when they lose everything they once had.

The character Ginny in the novel and the Character Ginny in the movie came off as two completely different characters to me.  After reading the novel, I had a deep hatred towards Ginny.  I thought that she deserved everything she had been given.  Her narration was not consistent and I did not want to believe a word she would say.  After the movie, I actually felt sympathetic towards Ginny.  Because she did not narrate as much in the movie, I felt she was not as selfish as she was in the novel.  Ginny did not come off as passive in the movie because we were not given all of her after thoughts.  With those thoughts in the novel, Ginny came off to me as a person who did not want to stand up for herself.

To me, I believe that Larry Cook’s role in the novel and film was crucial.  Without him there would not have been any conflicts.  The story is based on a decision that he decided to make.  In the novel, it is said that Larry passed away of a hear attack.  In the movie it is just brushed over.  Because he was so important to the plot, I think that he should have been given credit for his own death.  The movie skipped over Larry like he did not even exist after he lost the battle for his land, compared to the novel.

Here is a link that I found interesting as it talks about the Smiley’s writing and outlook while writing the novel. It talks about her adaptation of King Lear and what she thought about it.  This also talks about the different lessons that Smiley incorporated into the novel while keeping it an adaptation.