Larry Cook: You can’t have children, but you, Rose, your children will laugh when you die.

This week we watched a film adaptation of A Thousand Acres. This movie was a great adaptation; I would like to focus on Larry and compare the book version and movie version. In the book, readers view Larry as a irrational person with an alcoholism issue. Readers feel that his actions are a result of his alcoholism; many people view this sympathetically since his actions most likely a prolonged reaction to losing his wife. The daughters Rose and Ginny were portrayed as evil since they plotted against their father. In the film, however, viewers are unable to sympathize with Larry. The film did not provide enough back story into his life to allow us to feel any way towards him. As I watched the film, I actually felt mad at Larry for lashing out at his daughters. His daughters did not show any disdain towards Larry. The daughters were not portrayed as evil thus Larry is the “bad guy” here. This makes the story in the film completely different from the book, and allows us to ponder an alternate reality.