Intitial Thoughts:Secrets secrets secrets!! These people are ruthless! I don’t think there is a single person in this book that is trustworthy! Caroline is teaming up with her dad to sue Ginny, Ty, Rose, and Pete. Pete attempted to kill Daddy by emptying the water out of the fertilizer tank(although, not a surprise). Ty going behind Ginny’s back talking to caroline. Rose telling Ty about Ginny’s miscarriage. Jess is two timing the sisters (gross). And I only imagine it getting worse.. But, if i were to sympathize for anyone, it would be Ginny. She is literally getting Sh*t on by everyone.

Surprises: I was not expecting Pete to committ suicide or his reaction to Rose having an affair was to go kill Daddy. I knew there would be an upcoming death, but I thought he would be the first one to kill someome because of his violent past. I guess he tried, but failed.

Speculations:I think ginny is going to leave the farm! I think she has had enough and wants to start over. Especially, since she said she didn’t know if she wanted to be part of the farm anymore when she was in the law office. Also, i feel like she will definately want to escape because she found out that Rose had been sleeping with Jess too and her and Ty’s relationship is very poor. Mending the relationship with Ty does not seem important to her anymore after this reading There is nothing holding her to the farm anymore. Also, I think there are more deaths to come.Who is going to die next? Will it follow in alignment with King Lear? Will Caroline die?

Moving on to Rose, Can we just say that Rose is the perfect name for her?! Pretty on the outside, yet a prickly bi*tch. (Petals and thorns). She is portrayed as pretty, yet she is so selfish. She does not take responsibility for her actions or justifies all of her actions.”It’s because of daddy or it’s because Pete did this to me” (Not justifying either of the men’s actions by any means or saying that you wouldn’t be emotionally damaged from what she had been through, but that is her excuse for everything) Also, she shows NO remorse for anything. She was ready to get it on with Jess right after Pete committed suicide! “Jess loves me and wants to be with meTalk about heartless! However, this wasn’t brought to my attention until I read some reviews of this book on goodreads. A woman thought it was interesting that her name is Rose and I completely agree with her. It is a more in depth observation. Her review can be read through the link below.