From the reading for this week, I have gotten a better understanding about each character. The one who really stuck out to me was Daddy. I feel like the whole family revolves around him, as if he controls and has a strong input on everything his daughters do, besides Caroline. He has a very seriousness and sternness about him. I have friends who have parents that are like that. It makes for awkward situations because my friends are afraid of disappointing their parents, so they tend to walk on egg shells around them. Daddy is uptight and seems to always be complaining about the littlest things.

“He’s full of complaints about what we do” (Smiley, 84).

In my eyes, his daughters do a lot for him and are very hard workers. They don’t always see eye-to-eye with him, but he should be a lot more grateful and less negative towards them.

Another characteristic about Daddy is his sporadic spending and behavior about it. He buys new kitchen cabinets for a thousand dollars and a new couch all in the same week. The part that really surprised me is how he left the wooden cabinets outside, even though he knew it was going to rain. Obviously, rain would damage the wood. SO by leaving that out there, he obviously doesn’t care about the cabinets too much, or he’s lazy and doesn’t want to move them. I think that this just shows how he is becoming crazier and less responsible, just like how King Lear was. What do you think of his actions in this weeks’ reading?