“Where did you get those?” asked Linda. “When we were in Iowa City.”

I’m not even going to pretend that wasn’t one of my favorite lines to read because we live in Iowa City.

We have learned a great deal in these last six chapters that elaborated much more and answered many questions I had from the first seven chapters. One of the greatest advancements is in the mental health of Larry, Ginny’s father. “I drove back to see what you were doing.” “I was reading a magazine.” There were no magazines near his chair, or on the table besides him.–Ginny and Rose spend time during these chapters discussing the mental health of their father and both express a great deal of worry for him. Rose has gone as far as not even letting her children over at his house or letting them answer the door if it is him. This gives makes it easy for, as the reader, to assume he has a serious mental health issue. Whether he has been mentally ill his whole life, or if this is recent we still are not sure. The relationship this has to King Lear makes it extremely exciting to read. I find myself really looking forward to what happens!

These chapters also show us more into the relationship between Ginny and Jess. The chapter where they are at the garden and Ginny is planting tomatoes is where they have a very intimate conversation about Jess’s life and I thought that at any moment they would start kissing! That did not happen BUT who knows what will happen in latter chapters. While reading this chapter though I felt like I was reading the lines from a soap opera.

On page 43, the first page of the 8th chapter, Ginny is talking about the Ericsons. She talks about how Elizabeth was an avid “equestrienne” which she thought prepared her for farm life. I would first like to point out that it is spelled


Having grown up riding, training, and showing horses I disagree with the spelling however agree with the fact that it would have prepared Elizabeth for farm life. 🙂

Overall I am extremely happy with the story A Thousand Acres and I am extremely excited to see what happens! If I had to guess it would be that something romantic is going to happen between Jess and Ginny which might involve her getting pregnant 😮