Delving into my secret life, huh?”

Instead of going into further depth about the main conflict so far being the farm corporation. I would rather highlight on not such of a dry subject being the idea of “secrets”. Throughout these 7 chapters it seemed to be an average life of growing up on a farm. Occasional family bickering and talking about the crops. This quote struck me because I wasn’t expecting Jess to have such a welcoming response when asked about his life away. I was expecting him to be like “why does it matter, it’s my life” or something of that nature. Through this quote and the next few paragraphs as well allowed me to see that he was open to share with others. Rather than a person hoarding deep dark secrets. No one has asked about his life before but rather created their own thoughts about what he has been doing. Jess went on to say how he worked at the food co-op, managed community gardens, and worked for many fancy restaurants. This was a much more subtle and “plain” answer than I was expecting.

In chapter 2, page 6. “I notice he waited till we busted our butts finishing up planting before staging this resurrection.” From this I felt a sense of built up tension and hostility towards Jess. Maybe rightfully so, considering he lives this crazy life style and then comes back home and still wants the same treatment.
Both of these quotes even though are in different parts of the book, when put together have a strong meaning. It speaks to me in a sense because in everyday life people act first and then ask questions later. Rather than to ask questions, gather all of the facts, and then create their own conclusion. So far this book has been rather boring, but this side event helps to spice things up. Im interested to see how Jess will play a role in the rest of the book. I think we are only seeing the beginning of him where as other people are a one and done in this book.
I think we should notice how important this event actually is. I believe the whole corporation concept will keep this book going but these side events are what are going to be interesting. I think everyone can somewhat relate to this situation. Maybe not exactly, but the overall idea that our main task in life currently is college, but there are many distractions and complicated issues that arise unexpectedly.

For my supplementary source, I researched about what it was like to be drafted. In order to understand why people act or do things in a certain way, you have to understand what they have been through. Reading through this website, allowed me to better understand why he might be more prone to not want to settle down in one place. Through war and peaceful times your constantly under the possibility of uprooting your life and changing locations. Maybe he doesn’t want to be attached to a life in Iowa and then have that all taken away. For many years he was bouncing from state to state, so he could easily start a life in a new area. Reading on, I will having a greater understanding of his life, even though we were given very little information through the text so far.