I was thinkin’ more of a grandmother who was a famous enchantress, or an uncle who was a prominent warlock, or a brace of fairies somewhere in the family tree. (p. 82)

It was established in the first three chapters that Tristan is not fully human. His mother was a violet-eyed, furry-eared slave of a witch. After further reading, I started to wonder more about Tristan’s mother, especially after the scene when he was able to escape from the Serewood because he could see the path. The little man seemed quite shocked that he could do this, and ended up asking about his parentage and if he had a powerful grandmother or uncle or some type of fairy blood. This shows that what Tristan was able to do was very unusual, even in Faerie. This made me think back to his mothers story about how she was lured off of her father’s lands and captured by the witch. Why did the witch want her of all people? If her father had lands, was he rich? Important? Is Tristan’s mother’s family important and powerful? Does that mean Tristan is important and possibly very powerful? And finally I wondered, if Tristan does happen to come from a line of very important people in Faerie, will it have an affect on his journey through Faerie.

This possible hidden importance of Tristan reminded me of a book series I read called Throne of Glass. In it, the main character ends up being the last surviving member of a powerful bloodline, and this secret of hers, and the power that comes with it ends up having a huge impact on the story line and changed up any possible ending I could have imagined for the books. There were subtle hints along the way in this book, and that may be what it going on with Tristan. Maybe it will be a huge plot twist and change the whole direction of this story?