I suppose I should just come out and say that reading the part where the unicorn is stabbed in the head and dies was worse than reading 100 Shakespeare stories. My grieving aside, Chapters 4-7 in Stardust were quite eventful and took me on a roller coaster of emotions.

“You can find places in Faerie, but not in your world, save for Wall, and that’s a boundary.” -Little Hairy Man

Throughout this section we see more and more clear that Tristan isn’t just a normal boy from Wall, and even though every body already knows that, he himself does not. He is able to hear Faerie and knows directions perfectly, if they pertain to Faerie. When Tristan finds the star I am a bit torn between the way she was described and the first illustration of her. In the illustration (p. 99) she appears to have a look of evil, as well as extreme grief and sadness. However after reading we know that she is not evil, and is just in an great deal of pain from breaking her leg upon impact with the ground. Personally I would be pretty ticked off as well if I had been hit with a rock, of sorts, and fell from the sky causing it to break my leg. I don’t blame her for being upset, but I do wish the illustration painted her as more of a victim than as vicious.

Growing up with brothers, I find the relationship between the 7 brothers in this story to be rather relatable (not that I have any intention of killing them but we have had our fair share of battles). After Septimus poisons Tertius in his hotel room by giving his mistress deadly wine for him to drink, I put my money on him winning. And then we find out a few chapters later, Primus is killed by the witch-woman in red so I guess you could say I am good at foreshadowing.

“The wine was steaming and bubbling, and it came to Tristan then, the information surfacing from some long-forgotten fairy-tale or piece of children’s lore, that a unicorn’s horn was proof against…”Poisen?” he whispered, and the unicorn raised its head, and stared into Tristan’s eyes, and Tristan knew that it was the truth.”

I can’t even begin to explain why this quote is so awesome. First, unicorns are pretty much horses, and horse are pretty cool. AND THE UNICORN SAVES HIS LIFE. If unicorns/horses didn’t exist he would be dead right now, people all around the world would be sad (especially me) and Tristan would never have the chance to find the star and return her to Victoria to live happily ever after. Branching off of that sentence, I do not think Tristan and Victoria will end up together in the end. I believe that after they make it through this crazy journey they are on, the star and Tristan will realize they have the hots for each other and they too will create a mix breed– the starman.

The end. 🙂