“I did it for love” (103).

A lot of things have seemed to happen in the last few chapters of Stardust.  We read about Tristran and the Hairy man, the evil witch, the unicorn, the star, and we are left with Tristran being left behind by the star.  I feel like the story is moving quickly with all of the different stories, and we are just now learning how they are all related.  Two main things that have stuck out to me the most are: Tristran’s willingness to do anything for Victoria’s love, and the Hairy man’s willingness to help Tristran find the star.

I get the sense that Tristran has never really been in love, so he sees Victoria and wants to give her the world.  He doesn’t seem to be smart enough to realize that Victoria told him to get the same exact star knowing that it would never happen.  Although Victoria doesn’t reciprocate the love for Tristran, I believe we are given a dramatic love story. Tristran is trying to do the impossible for the woman who will never love him back. Tristran even says, “I did it for love” (103). I get the sense that he is a hopeless romantic that will go as far as finding a fallen star for the woman he loves just to earn her heart.  On his journey to earn Victoria’s heart he runs into the Hairy man who helps guide him in the right direction.

As I was reading about the Hairy man, I could not help but think of him as the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella.  The fairy god mother is there to help Cinderella fall in love with her prince, and she is there to help prepare her for it.  The hairy man leads Tristran in the right direction. Disney Wiki says, ” the Fairy Godmother explains that she has arrived to help Cinderella in her time of distress”.  I feel like the Hairy man gives Tristran hope that he can actually catch the falling star.  The Fair Godmother’s character seems to be nurturing.  Even though the Hairy man’s character does not seem to be the same kind of nurturing as Cinderellas Fairy Godmothers, I believe that he is nurturing in a way that suits Tristran’s character well.  When the Hairy man comes back with new and fresh clothes I could not help but think of Cinderella’s transformation from an old dress to a sharp and new one.  The Hairy man to me seemed to have been looking after Tristran in the same way that the Fairy Godmother does in Cinderella.