“Ere long she began to suspect that the new moon was the old moon, gone out and come in again like herself; also that, unlike herself, it wasted and grew again; that it was indeed a live thing, subject like herself to caverns, and keepers, and solitudes, escaping and shining when it could.”

The main underlying theme that I discovered while reading The Day Boy and the Night Girl is what life means to different people is not always the same. What are the characteristics required in order to say something is living? The generic definition of life is growth and change until death. Taking this definition I am able to think in a new way after reading this text. I believe this text is making a direct connection between Nycteris and the moon. She describes several similarities between the moon and herself such as how the moon is an opportunist such as herself and is governed by others. Based on her past experiences, she was able to make a conclusion about the definition of life. With this inference, she made a correlation between movement in the sky of the moon and the movement of herself on land. If she is living then the moon would have to be living as well.

This sentence speaks to me because it shows how a presumable simple word such as “life” could have many different meanings based on own experiences. That’s why I feel that it’s crucial to work with others effectively in order to broaden ones ideas based on other’s inputs other than just their own.


The article that I have chosen for my supplemental material brings into perspective the importance of collaboration. This article gives many examples of how others play a key role in our resolution to issues. Nycteris did not know any different than to remain in her chambers and thought that’s just how the world works. With someone else to collaborate with I believe her thoughts would change on what is “normal”. Along with creating a deeper meaning of what life is.

“That!” cried Photogen, with utter scorn. “I know nothing about that, except that it is ugly and horrible. At best it can be only the ghost of a dead sun. Yes, that is it! That is what makes it look so frightful.”

Photogen had completely different life experiences giving him a different perspective on the same object. To him, the moon was not a living object, but rather a ghost of the sun.  Having said that, based on his own definition of a ghost, it could be either living or dead.

In conclusion, even though words appear to have a universal meaning, there may be many interpretations. This can get tricky when going into the workforce if your coworkers are not on the same page as you. That’s why I believe critical thinking skills and good reasoning are essential in the workplace, along with life in general.