I really enjoyed the story of The Day Boy and The Night girl, it had a lot of great imagery that allowed me to step into the story and empathize with the characters. I specifically became fond of following the character of Nycteris and her need for discovery. I can only imagine growing up only knowing the darkness and relying on a bulb of light to guide the way of how you see the world. Her fascination and desire to find something more than a bulb of light is what makes her character relatable to the reader. When her bulb went out and the firefly came along, she decided follow it in hopes of finding something better or find the lamp again. Upon her discovery of the whole new world of space and the moon, her fascination with the light grew that much more.  I think that we as people are naturally conditioned to search for something more, whether we know it is out there or not.

At first Nycteris thought that the moon was her lamp, but when she realized just how much more this was compared to a lamp, her reaction was pretty awesome.

To breathe was a perfect existence. It seemed to her the light itself she drew into her lungs. Possessed by the power of the gorgeous night, she seemed at one and the same moment annihilated and glorified.

Then when Photogen comes along around the same time, he discovers his own new world in the stars after he had been taught all along to fear the darkness for it is a time that will bring out his fears. After learning about the night, Photogen decides that he wants to find this on his own and see if it is true for himself. The two characters are both discovering a new world and searching for something completely opposite of one another. Naturally, their running into one another was not a surprise but rather a time for them both to teach one another about their way of life. I thought this was a really cool touch to the story, the fact that the two of them lived opposite lives, and were raised by the same person.

As they took off together and began to get away and be with one another, it reminded me of a book I read when I was a child about a boy and a girl and a discovery of a new world. In The City of Ember, Lina and Doon live underground with no knowledge of an outside world. That is until they start to notice strange things that are being done as well as communication that they are not accustom to from the people in their city. They team together and start to search for another world, as they are so curious what else is out there. When they eventually discover the outside world, they are amazed at how much they are missing out on and how much has been kept from them in their lives. They like Photogen and Nycteris find the better parts of life and decide to run away and never look back, only relying on one another for support. I think that the parallels between the City of Ember and The Day Boy and The Night could truly be analyzed on such a deeper level and I almost want to reread the book and compare the two, I think it is fascinating!