This unconventional Shakespearean adaptation deconstructs the classic tale of a monarch”-Rotten Tomatoes

Shakespeare is well known to all of us. Society may not have read a play of his or any for that matter, but they are bound to hear the name Shakespeare at some point in their life. In the film adaptation. William Shakespeare Jr. the 5th is recreating Shakespeare’s original King Lear Play based on a time after the Chernobyl disaster. Throughout the movie there are many voices that talk over each other which I feel is a way of relating the language of the text to the movie. The text is obviously difficult to understand unless you’re some Shakespeare expert but with the many voices talking throughout the film adaptation (in my opinion) the voices are representing the difficult language that Shakespeare uses in his play King Lear. William Shakespeare Jr. the 5th is searching everywhere for I’m not sure what because they never really say what he is looking for but I’m assuming characters? I assume this because of the way all the different characters are popping up throughout the film but never are the characters named. I think the film adaptation reminded me more of the Ballad of King Lear instead of the actual book because in the ballad a lot of characters are not spoken of and that is the same with the film. The main characters are obviously Lear and the daughters both in the film and ballad, but the film seems to focus more on the young William Shakespeare Jr. the 5th  and his efforts in trying to recreate his ancestors play. No one really knows what went through Shakespeare’s head when he was writing any of his plays so it’s always going to be difficult and confusing when someone else tries. According to the website, King Lear’s film adaptation is rank 23rd out of 25 so that might explain why it was difficult to understand exactly what they were trying to perceive during the film.