“Here I disclaim all my paternal care” (I.I.11)

While I was reading act three something that stuck out to me was the storm.  To me the storm represents many different things. I used Spark Notes to help me come to this conclusion. The first thing that the storm represents to me is King Lear’s emotions, like Lear’s anger toward his daughters.  Also I believe that the storm represents all of the commotion that happens in act 3.  One thing that spark notes mentions that I did not think of is, “At the same time, the storm embodies the awesome power of nature,which forces the powerless king to recognize his own mortality and human frailty and to cultivate a sense of humility for the first time”.

A key theme in act 3 is betrayal.  Betrayal between brothers, and betrayal between fathers and their children.  From the beginning of the novel, we see the betrayal of Cordelia to Lear.  This is shown when Lear says,  “Here I disclaim all my paternal care” (I.I.11).  He is saying that he disowning Cordelia as his daughter and is choosing to give up his love. Then we see the betrayal between Edmund and Gloucester. Gloucester decides to take Lear’s side and runs off to find him. Edmund is instantly excited and decides to tell Cornwall all about Gloucester’s plans. With this we are shown how easy family members can betray each other. To me, I think that the reason for all of these betrayals is power.  Edmund wants to take over for Gloucester and Lear wanted to prove to Cordelia that he had the power to disown her.