“Good my Lord, You have begot me, bred me, loved me. I Return those duties back as are right fit, Obey you, love you, and most honour you. Why have my sisters husbands, if they say They love you all? Happily, when I shall wed, That lord whose hand must take my plight shall carry Half my love with him, half my care and duty. Sure, I shall never marry like my sisters, To love my father all.” ~Cordelia

By just reading the first few scenes of King Lear, Cordelia (youngest of three daughters) stands out to me the most. The way she doesn’t lie to her father, the king, about how much she loves him is the start of the book and is the reason King Lear makes the decisions he does in the beginning of the book like living with the oldest daughter and disowning Cordelia. I wanted to compare King Lear’s daughter Cordelia to Sam from the movie A Cinderella Story. A Cinderella Story is a movie that’s based off the original Cinderella that has two step sisters and a step mother. Sam is the “Cinderella” of the story and after her father passed away, her step mother Fiona takes over his assets, including a restaurant he owned and his house. In the movie, there is a specific scene at the end where Sam has finally had enough of the way her step mother and step sisters treat her and tells her step mother Fiona how she’s done being treated the way she is and how she will not stand to be like her step sisters. This reminds me of Cordelia because of the way she’s going out of the comfort zone and speaking up for herself by telling the about how she feels. Cordelia didn’t want to lie to her father just to receive his assets like her sisters did, instead she told the truth just like Sam did in the movie. Coming up with this comparison helped me understand how important Cordelia’s role is in the story.

PS. The link to the clip is the full movie because I couldn’t find just the scene so if you fast forward to 1:09:49 that’s the start of the clip.